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Learner's Registration & Enrollment

Welcome to the Learner Registration and Course Enrollment procedure page. This information is also located on the website’s main menu; under the Learner’s Affairs tab, in the first sub-menu – Orientation. Click on the Learner Registration & Course Enrollment

Read the information on this page carefully. You may need to take notes. The Learner Registration and Course Enrollment page outlines two process into one procedural step. Lifter LMS, our Learner Management System, combines these two processes on one procedural form.

The initial registration/enrollment process must be completed only once. This initial process will set up your user account and then enroll you in the course. But, for any future courses you must go through the enrollment process again.

Initial Learner Registration and Course Enrollment

Follow these steps:

Step One: Proceed to the GCLC’s Courses tab on the website’s main menu.

Step Two: Select a course into which you will be enrolled.

Step Three: The Course information page appears. This page is divided into two parts.

The first part provides the Course Description, and Course Requirements.

The second part is divided from the first part by a picture of the instructor. Under the instructor’s picture the second part begins with a financial section entitled “Free Plan”.

The Free Plan is exactly what it says. The course is free of charge. In this section there is a “Click to Enroll” button. Do not click this button at this time.

We will come back to this “Click to Enroll” button shortly.

Under the financial section the second part of the page continues with the Courses Sections, and the Video Lessons for each Course Section.

Now, back to the “Click to Enroll” button. Click this button to register and enroll in the course. The Learner Registration/Course Enrollment form appears.

Step Four: Complete each field on the form – Username, Email Address, Confirm Email Address, Password, Confirm Password, First Name and Last Name – then click the save button. When you click the Form’s save button your are registered as a learner at Global Christian Learning Center and you are enrolled in your first free course.

Step Five: You may see your newly enrolled course in the Learner’s Dashboard. The Learner’s Dashboard is located under the Learner’s Affairs tab on the website’s main menu. Click on the downward arrow next to the Learner’s Affairs tab. The Learner’s Dashboard is the last sub-menu on the list. Simply click on this sub-menu and it will open. Your newly enrolled course is located under the Learner’s Dashboard blue menu tab – My Courses. Simply click on the course’s thumbnail image and begin viewing Section 1, Video 1.

Step Six: You will need to download the course’s companion eBook. It is located in the Bookstore. To access your free course’s companion eBook, click on the “Bookstore” tab on the website’s main menu. There are three (3) Bookstore sub-menu topics: AP000EB – Applied Studies, BI000EB – Biblical Studies, and TH000EB – Theological Studies. Highlight one of the three sub-menus and follow the right pointing arrow to the course number of your newly enrolled course. Click the course number and the course’s eBook page opens. There are multiple eBooks for each course. Their image appears on the bottom of the page. Click on each eBook’s image, one at a time. They will appear in your computer’s Download folder, in the pdf format. You will need the free Adobe Reader program to view the ebooks. It may be downloaded at

Don’t forget to save each of your course’s eBooks to your computer’s hard drive or if you are using someone’s else’s computer, then save the eBooks to your own external storage device.

Note: You will be able to edit your account or profile in the Learner’s Dashboard. The Learner’s Dashboard is located under the website’s main menu tab, Learner’s Affair. The Learner’s Dashboard is the third topic under the website’s main menu tab, Learner’s Affairs. The “Edit Account” tab is located on the blue menu bar, under the Website’s heading.