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Learner's Dashboard

The Learner’s Dashboard allows each enrolled user/learner to track their records. Click on any tab located on the blue menu bar at the top of the Learner’s Dashboard page to access the topic’s information. If you have accessed a menu topic and decide to access another topic tab, you may click on that topic without first exiting from the topic you are currently viewing.

Following is a brief explanation for each of the blue menu tabs:

Dashboard: This tab provides a thumbnail overview of the blue menu tabs.

My Courses: This tab provides a list of your current enrolled course and all completed courses.

My Grades: This tab is not used. Disregard it.

My Achievements: This tab provides a list of completed courses, completed certificate programs, etc.

My Certificates: This tab provides the acknowledgment of all completed certificate programs.

Notifications: This tab provides GCLC’s notifications of important information concerning the GCLC’s website, administrative notifications, Learner registration and course enrollments, and other important completion behavior.

Edit Account: This tab allows the learner to edit their account information – user name, email, name, and change password.

Sign Out: This tab allows the learner to exit from their course work. In order to log back in the learner must complete the login form.

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