Providing Biblical & Theological Resources for Christ Followers

Honored Biblical Virtues

Besides esteeming our Core Values, Global Christian Learning Center also values Honored Biblical Virtues. Recognizing that part of the Holy Spirit’s agenda for our lives is to impart the character of Christ, we strive to facilitate that transformation. The following biblical concepts are a special few of some of the Christ-like virtues promoted throughtout our ministry and service:

1. Humility

2. Faithfulness

3. Spiritual Passion

4. Deference

5. Love

6. Honesty

7. Purity

8. Moderation

9. Faith

10. Self-control

11. Commitment

Global Christian Learning Center values the development of character, knowledge and skills it takes to become effective disciples and leaders of the faith in the Church and in the world. As a community of learners we value living by faith, trusting God, learning in community, striving for excellence, being a resource to the church and Christian community, missions, multiplication of leaders and ministry partnerships. We value and strive for excellence in biblical and theological education.