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TH001 – Introduction to Bible Doctrines

Course Description

The first course in the 17 course series, Bible Doctrines. This course features an introduction to the study of Bible doctrines. There are five sections in this course that focuses on the need to study doctrines. These five sections cover the following topics: the etymology and definitions for the word doctrines, doctrinal formation and organization; as well as early church methods for doctrinal instruction.

This course’s delivery method is through the medium of video. Each of the five course sections feature a PowerPoint presentation and an eBook.  

Course Requirements

The course requirements are simple:

□ View each video section with its accompanying lessons.

□ Read the companion eBook. This may be done while you are viewing the video presentations.

□ There are no exams, quizzes, or written assignments. Learner evaluation simply depends upon their meeting the two above requirements. The Christ Follower is accountable to his own conscience and to the Spirit that works within us.

Course Instructor

Dr Bartley Dr Bartley Author

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