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Core Values

Core Values serves as the foundation for most institution’s operations, programs, and activities. Global Christian Learning Center’s core values shall guide the institution in making decisions related to planning, resource allocation, and program development. They clarify how we function in fulfilling the church’s five purposes – evangelism, discipleship, fellowship, worship, and service/ministry.

The Following Core values reflects Global Christian Learning Center’s philosophy of ministry and service and specifically identifies scriptural concepts which we value. We maintain that these values strengthens us as a para-church organization. Our Core values are foundational as to who we are and what we do in Christ. They form the basis by which we plan and evaluate our ministry and service. We are kept focused by these values in order to fulfil our vision as Christ Followers engaged in administering the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20) and the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:36-39). Therefore, Global Christian Learning Center asserts, by publishing the following statements, what we hold as valuable:

1. The Bible & Its Authority: GCLC values the essence of the original, inspired Word of God. God reveals Himself and His will through the Word and the working of the Holy Spirit in the lives of believers. The Word is reliable and powerful. It shall be the final authority for all our beliefs and practices. The Word is the bases for a biblical curriculum that grounds students in accurate biblical doctrine through academic quality that will give relevance in their world, in Christian service, ministry, and in daily living. Global Christian Learning Center strives to teach and preach God’s Word with integrity and authority so seekers find Christ and Believers mature in Him.

2. The Global Church: GCLC values the Church that was founded by Jesus Christ. The Church is God’s instrument for all things spiritual and temporal. The church is God’s primary source of glory and His means of reaching out to mankind. The Church is our context for ministry training, for edification, for reaching the world; both locally and globally, with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

3. The Great Commission & Great Commandment: GCLC values Jesus’ Great Commission (passion) and Great Commandment (love) which focuses upon Evangelism, Discipleship, Fellowship, Worship, and Ministry. “God so loved the world” and “Go and make disciples” are the framework around which The GCLC’s philosophy, goals, curriculum, and methodology is focused.

4. Ministry/Service: GCLC values God’s calling of the servant leader in a chosen field of ministry. A sensitivity to the needs of others and being conscientious in dealing with them is of paramount importance. They must possess relational building skills geared to a diverse population. Additionally, they must have the heart to serve people in their brokenness and the discernment to effectively apply God’s Word to life’s diverse situations. Students will be challenged to identify and develop their spiritual gifting and provided opportunities to apply their spiritual gifts (First Peter 4:10-11).

5. Spiritual Dynamics: GCLC values the effective working of the Holy Spirit in our lives, ministries and corporate gatherings. The ongoing experience of God’s presence both corporately and individually provides the atmosphere for Spirit inspired teaching and ministry. By utilizing the spiritual disciplines of prayer, study of the Word, and building relationships, one should exemplify the fruit of the Spirit. The GCLC maintains that a Spirit-filled life embodies spiritual gifts that were/are/will be available to believers for power in ministry in the past, in the present, and in the future.

6. Biblical Character: GCLC values the biblical mandate which purports that servants of Christ must live by the example and teachings of Jesus Christ. The College maintains that the classical virtues of wisdom, courage, self-control, justice, faith, hope, and love are exemplified by the life of Christ. Believers should submit their will to God, to be set aside for His purpose. Jesus Christ, in perfect humility, taught us first to love God and then to love our neighbors as ourselves. GCLC’s Code of Student Conduct reflects and encourages these values as do our hiring practices and academic programs ( John 13:15).

7. Our Heritage and Destiny:  GCLC values, honors, and seeks to carry forward the rich spiritual heritage and identity blended from our fundamental, holiness, Pentecostal, and charismatic backgrounds. Drawing from its spiritually powerful past, Global Christian Learning Center cast its eyes to the future and is boldly move forward into new vistas of vision and destiny which the College have not yet obtained. A God-given vision is the inspiration for ministry expectations. GCLC maintains that God will go far beyond the College’s expectations by helping to accomplish its vision and mission. The Lord, God, will work on behalf of Global Christian Learning Center (Job 5:9).

8. The Individual: GCLC values the individual. Prejudices of any kind is not tolerated with our organization, nor on this website. The organization values all members of The GCLC community with mutual respect and sensitivity, recognizing their valuable contributions to the whole of the community. Global Christian Learning Center practices an open acceptance of others. The development and maintenance of self-esteem, personal worth, individual value and a moral and ethical character are among The GCLC’s sacred foundational principles for interaction with the individual. Each individual shall be accorded the right of respect, dignity, ethical behavior, and personal worth. GCLC maintain that the whole person consists of the spirit, the soul (mind), and the body. Therefore, a holistic approach toward a biblical education is used in helping the individual reach God’s best for our lives.

9. Sanctity of Life: GCLC values human life as the organization maintains that all life comes from and sustained by God, the Creator; therefore, life is a precious gift and must be respected by all.

10. Integrity: Godly character is the only proven platform for ministry influence. We serve with integrity to foster a climate of righteousness and accountability in all relationships. Harnessing one’s life resources with personal integrity and discipline increases ministry effectiveness. A heart and life that is fully surrendered to God becomes one’s most treasured instrument.

11. Christian Worldview: Global Christian Learning Center values and maintains that a broad base of academic knowledge is fundamental to becoming a well educated person who effectively reasons and interacts in society. At the center of a Christ Follower’s view of life and the world is the premise that humanity and the universe in which we live were created by our God who is revealed in the Scriptures. God is the source of all truth, not just religious truth; and the Bible provides the basis for the ordering of all knowledge. The curriculum at Global Christian Learning Center integrates thought and life across a broad biblical/theological academic range and fosters in students a lifelong appreciation for the independent value of learning and knowing (Proverbs 1:7 and Luke 2:52).

12. Servant Leadership: GCLC values the example set within the Christ’s model of servant-leader. The Servant-Leader must learn to serve Jesus Christ and His Church, encourages each other and the world-at-large with excellence, humility, and a submissive attitude so that all leadership avenues clearly recognizes the worth of each individual before God. We value servant leadership that focuses upon achieving the organization’s mission and remaining true to its biblical foundation. We believe that servant leadership is the only model of leadership that ultimately glorifies Jesus Christ, the head of the Church.

13. A Moral/Ethical/Holy Life: Global Christian Learning Center believes that God calls His people to live in alignment with His character and will. GCLC values the highest of holy, ethical and moral standards because we believe this is the code of conduct that is established in the Scriptures for those who call themselves Christ Followers. It is GCLC’s belief that a person can obtain these high biblical standard, not through human effort alone, but by the work of the Holy Spirit through the process of sanctification. “Be ye holy” is not an archaic phrase that is to be relegated to the church of past generations, but is just as relevant today. Holiness is the expected lifestyle of God’s children regardless of a person’s culture. Holiness goes far beyond the issue of ethics and morality; however, these things are an integral part of a holiness lifestyle. It is our belief that a person is to be honest in all matters of life. A person is to honor all promises and vows made, including payment of debts. The development of a Christ-like character is of more value that many successful achievements.

14. Excellence in All Things: Responsible Christian discipleship involves bringing every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. GCLC maintains that God deserves the best. Global Christian Learning Center endeavors to train the mind through rigorous programs of study designed to enhance knowledge, develop critical thinking skills, and shape a biblical worldview. Fervency is no substitute for quality. Therefore, Global Christian Learning Center values the notion of not just doing what is expected but going above and beyond the standard expectations for providing the education that GCLC students are seeking. The GCLC Community must model, demonstrate, and require excellence in every facet of the educational experience, both intellectual and practical.

15. Diversity: Every person bears God’s image and is loved by Him. The The GCLC community purposes to reflect this biblical perspective in all relationships and to value each individual in light of this truth. Global Christian Learning Center values ministry that is relational, building a genuine sense of community that is united through trust in the living God. In Christ, believers from diverse cultures and backgrounds are one body.