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You will need to download the course’s companion eBooks. They are located in the Bookstore. To access your free course’s companion eBooks, click on the “Bookstore” tab on the website’s main menu. There are four (4) Bookstore sub-menu topics: AP000EB – Applied Studies, BI000EB – Biblical Studies, TH000EB – Theological Studies and GS000EB – General Studies. Highlight one of the three sub-menus and follow the right pointing arrow to the course number of your newly enrolled course. Click the course number and the course’s eBook page opens. There are multiple eBooks for each course. Their image appears on the bottom of the page. Click on each eBook’s image, one at a time. They will appear in your computer’s Download folder, in the pdf format. You will need the free Adobe Reader program to view the ebooks. It may be downloaded at

Don’t forget to save each of your course’s eBooks to your computer’s hard drive or if you are using someone’s else’s computer, then save the eBooks to your own external storage device.