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GCLC's Disclosure Statement

Global Christian Learning Center desires to be completely transparent regarding its philosophy, administration, operational policies, doctrinal and heritage persuasion, curriculum, financial obligations, educational methodology, equipment requirement, course delivery, and student website and course usage. This disclosure statement was designed to be informative and a means to prevent misunderstanding about any critical operation and management issues.

First, Global Christian Learning Center (GCLC) is an online Christian educational training institution connected to its Pentecostal/Charismatic/Holiness heritage.

Second, GCLC is not an accredited institution. We offers free, quality informational courses that have been designed in accordance with the highest accreditation standards.

Third, Global Christian Learning Center is a community of Christ followers. We are a community of learners who follower the life style associated with Jesus Christ and the Bible. These learners have associated themselves with this institution because they desire to engage in studies related to personal ministries and service. This online training program has been designed to help Christ followers build a stabilizing, holy and spiritual lifestyle.

This online community of Christ followers have joined together to facilitate their collaboration in growing personally, spiritually, academically, and socially. Global Christian Learning Center’s learners are united in honoring Christ by integrating academic excellence in learning, building an ever growing faith, and seeking the Spirit’s empowerment for ministry and service; while practicing a reflective, mature Christ follower lifestyle.

Fourth, we at GCLC communicate to each learner from a Pentecostal/Charismatic/Holiness point of view. Each learner must respect our doctrinal and heritage position.

A potential learner does not need to attend a church of our heritage, doctrinal persuasion or background. Potential learners should be a committed Christ follower, or at the least a Christ seeker.

Our definition of a Christ Seeker is someone who desires to learn more about God, His Church, and is considering the initial steps toward a spiritual walk with God and other Christ followers. Such individuals must not become a disruptive distraction to other GCLC learners who are in pursuit of achieving a Pentecostal/Charismatic/Holiness education.

Fifth, integrity is a critical issue for Global Christian Learning Center. Therefore, GCLC do not engage in plagiarism or the use of copyrighted materials. All images used on our website, course content, and course ebooks are licensed for non-commercial and educational purposes only. These images may not be used for commercial ventures.

Sixth, the issues regarding curriculum, financial obligations, educational methodology, equipment requirement, course delivery, and student website and course usage will be addressed in tabs below this Orientation topic.

Seventh, GCLC learners must acknowledge GCLC’s primary philosophy. Our doctrines are based upon Pentecostal/Charismatic/Holiness standards and practices. GCLC’s doctrinal position may be view on the website’s main menu, under the “About Us” menu tab. Scroll down to the nested topic “Philosophy” and then click on the drop down list: “Statement of Faith.”

IMPORTANT NOTE: After reading this disclosure statement you have a choice between two procedural options.


  1.  You don’t agree with the above Disclosure Statement. Simply exit out of our website by clicking on the “X” located at the extreme top right of the website. No record of your visit or any personal information is kept. We do not use any type of personal information collecting tool. Thank you for the opportunity of presenting our educational program.
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