You have opened the  Academics Affairs tab on the main menu.  It is the home to sub-menu items pertaining to our academic program.

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This navigation menu item provides a collection of links related to the Global Christian Learning Center’s educational program (academics and learner affairs).  These links are nested under the Academic Affairs menu and are usually referred to as a “drop down” menu.

The Academic Affairs menu item provides information about the following sub-menu items features program topics. You will need to click on Academic Affairs menu tab, then click on the arrow to the right of the “Academic Affairs” tab; and then select a specific sub-menu topic from the “drop down” menu. Clicking on each sub-menu topic will open a corresponding page.

The Academic Affairs menu item provides information about fourteen topics:

  1. Accreditation 
  2. Initial Admission Procedures.
  3. Registration Procedures
  4. Learner Handbook
  5. Learner Desktop
  6. Learner ID
  7. Learner’s Records
  8. Orientation & Start Up
  9. Curriculum
  10. Course Names and Descriptions
  11. Student Responsibilities
  12. Equipment and Supplies
  13. Certificates
  14. Financial Cost