Providing Biblical & Theological Resources for Christ Followers

About Us

Global Christian Learning Center was developed to facilitate and provide appropriate resources related to biblical, theological and applied studies. This organization showcases the teaching ministry of Rev. Leslie E. Bartley, Ph.D.; a 50+ year pastor, missionary, and educator.

Our Motto is based on Matthew 28:16-20, John 16:8, Acts 1:8, First Corinthians 2:13, and Second Timothy 2:15. GCLC students will realize the importance of Skillfully Preach and Teach God’s Word Through the Power and Anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Our mission is to motivate church leaders to Seek God’s Approval in the Skillful Preaching and Teaching of His True Word, Without Deviation, but Handle it with Precision and Accuracy.

Our purpose statement notes that Global Christian Learning Center exists as a conduit for biblical discipleship for Church leaders and adherents. This discipleship venue provides free long distance mentoring, online teaching, and easily downloadable ministry and laity enrichment tools.

For a more detailed presentation of Global Christian Learning Center’s philosophical statement go to the Philosophy tab on the main menue of this website.

Our target audience is individuals who…

  • Desire to study God’s word
  • Apply biblical and theological truths to a godly and spiritual walk
  • Are fulfilling God’s call upon their lives
  • Lovingly and ethically pastor God’s Church
  • Preach and teach God’s word, without deviation, but Handle it with Precision and Accuracy
  • Disciple Christ Followers (Christians) with love and passion
  • Invest (give back to) in the lives of all men and women in accordance with the Word